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McDonald's filter

Project Model
Scs-302 Scs-303 Scs-101 Scs-102
Quantitative (g/m2) 150-160 200±10 270±5 360-375
Thickness (mm) 0.5-0.55 0.6-0.65 0.65-0.7 0.9-1.05
Filtration rat (emin) 7"-15" 15"-30" 10"-35" 15"-40"
Wet burst strength (kpa≥) 120 130 250 250
Bursting (kPa≥) 300 460 550 650
Moisture (%≤) 7
NOTE: When you have special requirements, but also can be ordered under the contract


Product Applications:
And frying oil filter support for Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald's edible frying oil filter; used in medicine, chemical filtration

Product effectiveness:
Frying oil can filter the carcinogen aflatoxin, in addition to smell, you can change the color of yellowish oil filtered golden color, so that filtered oil can be fully utilized.

Product advantages:
There are health permits, the only paper GB units involved in the development of quality assurance.

Hole products are easy to use filter oil vehicle use, the hole is fixed niche car oil filter; oil filter by hand to parents who choose non-porous oh

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