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High-strength paper


The main models:

Project TYPE
Scs-101 Scs-102
Weight (g/m2) 270±5 370±5
Thickness (mm) 0.65-0.7 0.9-1.05
Water flow rate (1kpa/50ml) 10"-45" 25"-50"
Bursting (kpa)≥ 550 650
Air permeability (L/m2.s) 3-10 3-9
Water (%)≤ 7
 NOTE: When you have special requirements, but also can be ordered under the contract.

The main components:
Refined cotton, high-quality imported wood pulp.

Health Quality assurance:
GB11680 food packaging Paper health standards
Wading products health permits Liao Wei water word [2010] No. 019
ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification
ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification

Lubricating oil refining, oil refineries, oil additives, catalysts, vegetable oil, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, paint, paint, power capacitors, transformers, oil and chemicals, fine chemicals, resins, Electric Power Bureau, power plants, such as gold, industrial organic suspended cloud liquid separating among solid, semi-solid debris. Such as matching filter press transformer oil, turbine oil, molten paraffin wax, grease, synthetic resin, dioctyl sebacate grease and other organic liquids.

This product is mainly made of pure cotton linters as raw materials by a special process, with good filtration absorption properties, high compressive strength, bursting stronger. Its texture is white and delicate, smooth appearance, uniform thickness, high strength, filter effects, using a long time. Lead, arsenic content of the fluorescent substance, bleaching test (water, n-hexane), coliform bacteria, pathogenic bacteria, are in line with the requirements of GB11680 standard.

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