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Wrinkled paper


The main models:

TYPE SCS-302 SCS-303
Weight (g/m2) 150-160 190-210
Thickness (mm) 0.50-0.55 0.60-0.65
Water flow rate (1kpa/50ml) 7"-15" 15"-30"
Bursting strength wet (kpa)≥ 300 460
Bursting strength dry (kpa)≥ 120 130
Ash (%)≤ 1
Water (%)≤ 7
Format (cm) 90*90 90*186 70*70 60*60 50*50 30*30
29.5*29.5 29*29
The Company in accordance with customer requirements specifications,
the shape is made rectangular, square, circle can be cut, perforated, folded like.

The main components:
Refined cotton, high-quality imported wood pulp, a wet strength agent.

Health Quality assurance:
GB11680 food packaging Paper health standards
Wading products health permits Liao Wei water word [2010] No. 019
ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification
ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification

Used in medicine, chemical products, filter, oil filter and frying support for Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald's edible frying oil filter.

Surface wrinkles showed a pleated filter paper having a surface area greater surface area than the same quantity of paper can be trapped more off solid impurities, can withstand greater pressure.

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