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Plant Oil Filter Papers


The main models:

Project TYPE
Scy-101 Scy-201 Scy-202 Scy-213
Weight(g/m2) 80±5 210-230 110-130 265-275
Thickness (mm) 0.21-0.23 0.67-0.72 0.32-0.34 0.65-0.71
Water flow rate (1kpa/50ml) 50"-3' 30"-2' 2'-4' 30" 5'-9'
Bursting strength dry (kpa)≥ 150 350 200 460
Air permeability (L/m2.s) 3-10 10-22 3-10 2-9
Water (%≤) 7
 NOTE: When you have special requirements, but also can be ordered under the contract.

The main components:
Refined cotton, high-quality imported wood pulp.

Health Quality assurance:
GB11680 food packaging Paper health standards
Wading products health permits Liao Wei water word [2010] No. 019
ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification
ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification

This product is used to manufacture advanced vegetable oil filtration process crude oil and refined oil, and the machine supporting frame. Used in refining and extraction of peanut oil, rapeseed oil, camellia oil, olive oil, linseed oil, safflower oil and drugs, and other medical evening primrose oil. Also used in instant noodles, Saqi Ma, potato chips and other fried foods oil filter.

1. The sheet bulk, high permeability, a certain degree of water resistance for a variety of vegetable oils filters;
2. High temperature (up to 200 ℃);
3. bursting good (up to 460kpa), high mechanical strength;
4. has great air permeability, high viscosity oil to make a smooth material by quick filtration;
5. lead, arsenic content of the fluorescent substance, bleaching test (water, n-hexane), coliform bacteria, pathogenic bacteria, are in line with the requirements of GB11680 standard.

Application Advantages
1. frying oil can effectively remove aflatoxin and other carcinogens;
2. be able to filter out the oil suspended solids, colloidal impurities, phospholipids, such as heavy metals, in which the separation of solid, semi-solid debris.
3. capable of adsorbing filter out suspended solids in hot frying oil and hazardous compounds and other impurities, reduce the chance of occurrence of oil deterioration fundamentally suppress acid value growth and prolong the use of frying oil.
4. be able to be able to take off sallow color frying oil, improve the color of frying oil to make it clear and transparent;
5. Be able to, in conformity with food hygiene standards, to make full use of frying oil, for enterprises to bring better economic benefits.
6. The products are widely used in various types of frying oil filter.

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