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China Shenyang Second International Photography Exhibition Industry - Saatchi & Partners Northeast Pharmaceutical Group exhibiti

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April 23, 2016, China Shenyang Industrial Museum ushered in the second China International Exhibition industrial photography, industrial photography in this exhibition "culture, values, innovation" as its theme, is a wide international influence important events and exhibitions. Part of Liaoning Province on behalf of participating companies are: Shenyang Blower Group, Northeast Pharmaceutical Group, and other well-known domestic enterprises. The show, in addition to show their work, but also the establishment of model workers in exhibition wall, divided black and white and color group group to show a different image of the glorious era of model workers, promote dedication, so that people feel the changes and development of Chinese industry, feel China Chinese spirit and power of industrial development, the so-called special significance.

Shenyang Great Wall company in the pharmaceutical industry partners - Northeast Pharmaceutical Group exhibition. Northeast Pharmaceutical Group was founded in 1946, enjoys the reputation of multinational pharmaceutical 70 years in the pharmaceutical field has been the Chinese people's pride. News Network "timekeeping Northeast Pharmaceutical Group for your" leaving Pharmaceutical Group, a household name, has become well-known, internationally influential pharmaceutical companies. Shenyang City, the Great Wall filter sheets Northeast Pharmaceutical Group over the years to become the sole supplier of filter sheets, the exhibition, the Great Wall company leaders represented at the exhibition, the East Pharmaceutical Group, expressed warm congratulations also went into Eastern medicine from multiple perspectives, hard to feel the history of Eastern medicine and deep cultural heritage ......