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In 1989, Du Zhaoyun factory director was designed and successfully developed the first support filter board in our country.
In 2002 won the national quality management standard qualified units.
In 2003 in liaoning province quality supervision bureau quality trustworthy product certificate.
2003 industry first passed the ISO9001:2003 international quality system certification.
In 2003, Through the Pepsi site assessment become the qualified supplier.
Signed by 2003, China resources group, its qualified supplier qualification.
In 2005, awarded a gold medal at a northeast Asian small and medium-sized enterprises.
In 2005 by the world's largest beer group ab inbev examination, become the qualified supplier.
2008 industry first passed the ISO14001:2008 environmental management system certification.
In 2008, Responsible for drafting support filter board national standards specified.
Qingdao beer group outstanding supplier award in 2010.
Win the title of famous brand products in shenyang in 2012.
Got famous trademark certificate in shenyang in 2013.
In 2013 won the award of 2013 enterprise technology innovation in shenyang special funds.
In 2015 in liaoning province famous trademark
In 2016, The Great Wall st product quality certification by FDA