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  Shenyang City, the Great Wall filter cardboard Co., Ltd. is currently the largest, most all varieties, scientific research, development, production as one of the modern filtering paperboard production enterprises, the company was founded in 1989, is the early production fluid filtration medium cardboard enterprise。

  26 years, & ldquo; Great Wall & rdquo; people always put & ldquo; build China filter cardboard industry first brand & rdquo ;, rewrite our quality filter sheets of long-term dependence on imported situation responsibility, to advanced production equipment, first-class technology and equipment, high quality services, through constant development, adjustment of product structure and improve product performance, so that the product remains the leading domestic position. At present, our company's products in terms of appearance and internal quality and imported products can be comparable. Its leading products include eight series over 50 varieties, basically covering the vast majority of the field of solid-liquid separation, filtration paperboard production reached 2.8 million square meters, the output value of 50 million, production and sales for 20 consecutive years ranked first in the same industry。

  The number of employees 86 people, including six departments: technical, sales, paper shop, machine shop, laboratory, electrical and mechanical room. Including intermediate grade staff of 10 people, senior capacity of five people, senior technicians 14 people. Employees with specialist qualifications of 30 people, college education staff of 11 people.

  Our company is currently the industry's only a cardboard filter through environmental assessment and acceptance of qualified enterprises, but also domestic counterparts in the first through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification and ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification of enterprises. Enterprises in 2008 by the National Commission on the preparation of standards for the filter sheets GB invited to participate in the development of unit。